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How to Submit a Purchase Order by e-Mail

Six easy steps to sending a PO to sales@marcoproducts.com
(For Schools and School Districts Only)


1.  Place the items and the quantity of each item required in your cart.


2A. Print your cart as a PDF file.

The procedure to print the page(s) as a PDF will vary depending on your printer. Some printers do not have this function installed. We suggest you scale the page at 90% to insure the entire page is readable.


2B. Print your cart on paper.

(We suggest you scale the page at 90% to insure the entire page is readable). Scan the pages and save to PDF file.


3. Save the PDF file to your chosen folder. Changing the "Save As: or File Name:" to your POs BILL TO NAME & PO # (If you have it).





4.  Attach the CART PDF and email the request to your purchaser.

Remind your bookkeeper/purchasing agent to add the appropriate shipping (see below). Processing can be delayed with POs that do not include correct shipping.


5.  E-mail the PO to Marco.

The purchaser should attach your CART PDF and your SCHOOL/DISTRICTS PURCHASE ORDER (REQUIRED), along with any specific instructions and email it to: sales@marcoproducts.com

Be sure to include shipping. Free shipping does not apply to POs:

$00.00 to $74.99 $7.00
$75.00 to $79.99 $7.50
$80.00 to $84.99 $8.00
$85.00 to $89.99 $8.50
$90.00 to $94.99 $9.00
$95.00 to $99.99 $9.50
$100.00 to $104.99 $10.00
$105.00 to $109.99 $10.50
$110.00 to $114.99 $11.00
$115.00 to $119.99 $11.50
$120.00 to $124.99 $12.00
$125.00 - $499.99 10% of invoice total
$500.00 and up
5% of invoice total


6. A customer service representative will email you a confirmation of your order.

If you do not receive a confirmation within one week, please call 1-800-448-2197 to assure your order was received and is being promptly processed.