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Winter 2021 New Storybook 5-Pack


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My Fantabulous Brain by Julia Cook
|Grades K-6|  Wade doesn’t understand why things like math and spelling seem so easy for other kids but so hard for him. His brain doesn’t seem to work right, and he can’t focus with all the stuff going on in his head. He tries so hard, but feels like he stinks at everything! Just when he is about to give up, Wade’s Fantabulous Brain comes to the rescue. By using tools in his “Brain Tool Box,” Wade learns how to give his brain a tune up, making it stronger and more efficient. 32 pages, softcover, color illustrations.


Freddie and Friends: Bugging Out: A Story about Learning to Keep Small Problems Small by Kimberly Delude, MA, CCC-SLP
|Grades K-6|  Freddie the Fly’s friend Stella the Stinkbug has a problem. Or lots of problems. Some problems are BIG and some are small. But every time she faces a problem, she reacts the same way. She BUGS OUT. And you know what happens when a stinkbug bugs out? It causes a BIG STINK! With the help from Mrs. Monarch, Stella and Freddie learn about different kinds of problems: BIG problems, MEH problems, and NO BIGS. Follow along as Freddie and Stella learn to control their reactions


The “I” in Integrity by Julia Cook
|Grades K-6|  Cora June is back, and this time she’s learning a thing or two about doing the right thing – even when no one is looking!When Cora June learns what integrity means, she realizes that she can’t find hers! Fortunately, her mom is there to help her put the “I” (the “ME!”) in integrity. Follow Cora June as she learns about her integrity, and see if she can use it to right what she did wrong. Another hit for award-winning author and parenting expert Julia Cook.


My Name’s Sammy, and I’m No Snitch: Teaching Children the Difference between Snitching and Reporting by Jeff Tucker
|Grades K-5|  When the meanest kid at the elementary school sneaks off with an extra cupcake, Sammy doesn’t tattle. When the school counselor shows up 10 minutes late, Sammy stays silent. After all, he’s no snitch and proud of it. But Sammy becomes concerned when his friend is bullied by another student. Will he be able to stay tight-lipped when his best friend is called a crybaby and targeted for a beatdown after school? Sammy isn’t the only one who’s worried – he sees anxiety building in his friend too. Will the many “see something, say something” posters plastered in the hallways make Sammy rethink his attitude and report the threat?


What’s Inside Your Backpack? by Jessica Sinarski
|Grades 2-5|  What’s Inside Your Backpack? highlights some of the ways children can nurture resilience in body and mind. Zoey Harmon keeps getting weighed down by pesky “books” in her backpack, like WORRY and SHAME. Much to her surprise, she’s not the only one! Zoey learns that the adults in her life deal with difficult feelings, too! Luckily, they have some ideas that can help her set aside the “books” she’s not meant to carry. Will it be enough to help her unload the heaviest book of all? 32 pages, softcover, color illustrations.

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